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Old Town. New Digs.

Our menu celebrates the unique and evolving story of Lemont, and the hardworking

immigrants who built this town and community. The food is hearty, rich and made from scratch - the 

way folks used to cook in their kitchens.

Utilizing images from the archives of the Lemont Historical Society, our walls showcase the digging of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, the Sanitary and Ship Canal, the development of the quarries and the construction of the railroads.


After digging through hundreds of photos, we came across one that stood out  amongst the rest.

It shows a group of men in a half pipe, lifted 95 feet above the canal.

In front of them is a brave little German Shorthaired Pointer.

This image, and that dog, inspired our name and our logo. 

Dig the canal.

Dig in.

Dogs Dig.

316 Canal Street



Side note: Our family adopted a German Shorthaired Pointer named Toby in 2017. The logo

is the actual spotting of our dog -making this even cooler for our family. 


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